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MUNCH-OES was founded in my home kitchen in 2019 and has grown into a commercialized operation that supplies cafes throughout Texas. 

The crazy part for me is I never dreamt of success as owning a bakery. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Finance degree considering being a Financial Advisor, ended up taking a job as a Paralegal, and who at 25, opted out of the 8-to-5 lifestyle.

I would say my inspiration at 9 years old was Cake Boss, but there is no cake involved here. I started baking out of my home kitchen at the age of 19 and got my way through college baking for friends and family. I ended up using some of those same recipes and came up with different cookie sandwiches. I had a friend who wanted me to ship the cookie sandwich and living in South Texas, the weather doesn't cooperate with buttercream. That's where the Munch-o in a jar was invented.

At one point, retail was my only consideration because who wants to sell their products at a discount for someone else to make a profit? Lol. If you know anything about wholesale, you can find many reasons to go that route. Once I decided and confirmed I had a product that would benefit from wholesaling, my next step was getting out of my home kitchen.

Oddly enough, my parents owned a commercial building and I was able to create a dream kitchen. I researched manufacturing licenses, created food labels, learned way more than I needed to about food, and secured my first wholesale account right here in Wharton County.

The demand for my products since then has been the most overwhelming part of my baking career. I not only sale just to suppliers, but also host fundraisers. Each of these avenues create a whole different experience.

Today, the Munch-oes team is constantly growing and reaching out to new customers through our wholesale platforms and directly approaching business owners we see would be a good home for our product.

Want to become a stockist and carry our products? Let's chat.

                                                          -Savanna Smith

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