In 2015, MUNCH-OES founder and sweet enthusiast, Savanna Smith, developed a critique method for decorated sugar cookies while trying to stay afloat with college debt. Determined to become an entrepreneur, her small bakery was formed that did not include MUNCH-OES. Throughout the years she wanted to come up with a dessert that wasn't of the ordinary. That is when the MUNCH-O was created. Several months, trial and error took place to create the right cookies to obtain, not only a pleasant physical appearance, but the upmost favorable experience for the customer.

Savanna's drive, hard work, and business degree, combined with her one-of-a-kind baking skills led her to this business leading to success. The formula of her work ethic lead to such a high demand of decorated sugar cookies; she knows, MUNCH-OES can turn into something just as grand.

The MUNCH-O is pin pointing cafe's, convenient stores, and local coffee shops for their destination for the consumer. Join MUNCH-OES founder and her crew and lets MUNCH!

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The Original MUNCH-O was created. Trial and error occurred with runny buttercream from fresh dewberries picked at the farm. Taste tests among st the family....the MUNCH-O was  approved.

The first batch made a total of 6 MUNCH-OES and they were huge!! Size and sweetness were needing to be taken into consideration. One thing that was never changed- the cookie recipe!!

We tested fillings in the MUNCH-O to see if they were suitable with the cookie along with the duration of freshness. Our goal was 1 week without refrigeration inside an airtight container and packaging. What we found:

*MUNCH-O tasted better after 3 days in the airtight container. The moisture from the buttercream absorbed into the cookie- complete deliciousness!!

*MUNCH-O was just as moist the day it was made as the day we took it out of the freezer for 1 month and allowed it to completely defrost to room temperature.

Late March 2020

We finally came up with the right marketing material including our labels!! With FDA regulations we have all ingredients listed on every jar and cookie sandwich for customer protection.

January 2020



We came up with a cookie sandwich in a jar....and this has never been done before. We are able to ship these jars and allow extended shelf life for cookie sandwiches at mass distribution...some day. This would allow us to enter the wholesale distribution market.