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Where I started. Where I'm going. What I am achieving.


Yes, that's a Texas thing. Yes I'm a Texas A&M Grad class of 2017, Whoop! Hello there, I'm Savanna Smith, the owner of Munchoes Bakery LLC. I founded this company approximately two months before COVID-19 hit the US...yay April of 2020. Before that time, I owned my first bakery, The Sweet Retreat, when I started college in 2015 and closed in December of 2019. It didn't take me long to realize I still wanted to bake...with both of my bakeries, I have a total of 8 years of baking experience under my belt. I have hit many highs and many lows over the years. Baking is not for the faint of heart and takes much dedication. The baking industry is everchanging just like this world we live in. There will be ideas that come and go.  Some will stick and some will fall through the cracks and be a total flop. I have experienced both sides and I'm not ashamed of it! Thanks for stopping by to learn about me and for supporting my journey and my team!


Where We're going.

From starting inside of a college house, to now a commercial kitchen, we are heading in the right direction! Slow growth is positive growth in my books. The future is very bright for Munchoes. Once I opened up my vision for my bakery outside of my hometown of El Campo, TX, we started growing in substantial measures. Our focus is in three areas for growth, Rodeos & Holiday Market Sales, Holiday Retail Sales, Wholesale (coming VERY soon), and Organization Fundraising Sales. 

If you had asked me in 2021 after only been traveling to local small events that I would have the opportunity to have a booth at the largest rodeo & fair in the U.S., I would have said, "No Way!" Now, having secured vendor booths at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo and also the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, Munchoes is well on their way in the rodeo world! Our dream is to get into the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo and also the State Fair of Texas. 

Where We're Going....continued.

Holidays are everyone's favorite time of the year, but for a baker, they are the most stressful times of the year. Holidays, for some bakers, are their biggest revenue streams. I unfortunately have to pick and choose the holidays I offer products due to other revenue streams I am in, but I am hoping to fix that with more employees. 

Wholesale....when I think of wholesale, I get mixed feelings. I started Munchoes as a sole wholesale bakery, I thought I had it figured out until the hot months of Texas (3/4th of the year) hit. Melted products, delayed shipping can guess the rest. Lots of stress, lots of loss of product. I decided to quit the wholesale and focus more on Rodeos and Markets. BUT that is changing. I am introducing a new product very soon. They will be available for wholesale and retail. Just a little does not consist of cake or cookies or apples. Just wait! Its one of those ideas I'm  throwing out there to see if it sticks. Stay tuned! 


Where We're Going....continued.

The last bit I want to focus on for Where We're Going is my fundraiser revenue stream. Growing up, I know my Mom couldn't take another thing on her plate, especially when teachers sent home the fundraiser packets. Well, I was one of those kids that wanted to be the top seller...yay for my mom...So I would venture out and ask every neighbor, relative, pretty much anyone who wanted to give me money. When I started my bakery, I knew I wanted schools or organization to use my products to raise funds. It has the same margins as wholesale, but an organization is gaining from your product, and you get your products into different markets. Its a win win. I offer certain products exclusively to fundraising so it returns higher sales. I will admit, fundraising is probably my only original idea that is still around today for when I started in 2020. 

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